Posted by: thughesa | October 1, 2010


So, its been a month and I have been to the gym every Mon, Weds, and Fri.  I am so glad I have been able to get up the gumption to go, but I am so damn tired the rest of the time I haven’t had the energy to put away laundry, shave my legs, or write much in the way of anything.

I have been reading a lot though. I just finished Julie Buxbaum’s After You.  I loved this book.   I thought it was gripping, unpredictable, touching, and full of insight into the problems many face when dealing with death, marriage problems, and indecision about your own life and choices.  I also love her blog. It is full of honesty, insights into writing and process, and dealing with writing and daily life.

I am hoping this whole ‘gym’ thing continues, I just hope I find more time to sit down and write.



  1. So proud of you! I know how hard it is to get into the routine. I hate the first couple of weeks…. I feel like it completely drains you of energy. However, APPARENTLY if you keep up with it, it will give you more and more energy in the end. And I love your legs anyway, shaved or not shaved! xxxoo

    • Thanks Shana!
      Yes, its getting better, now I just need to learn to tune out Screaming-As-I-Lift-Weights-Ponytail-Man, good times.

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