Posted by: thughesa | September 13, 2010

Is it really September?

Dear, how time flies when one suddenly has to deal with preschool, swimming, and all the other child fodder that comes with September.  I already miss the lazy summer days where we had no where to be, no on to see, and spent the days touring water parks and swimming pools.  Last Fall I purposely kept our schedule light because I knew I would lose it if we had too many things to do.  Trying to get anywhere with a two kids under the age of 4 is a feat above all others at times.

This year it’s different.  We have swimming twice a week, preschool three mornings a week, toddler gym for the youngest and I once a week, and…wait for it…I am going to start going to the gym.  Pause for reaction.

I can’t remember the last time I went to the gym and actually worked out.  I tried once to go when my oldest was about 16 months.  I wasn’t even sweaty yet when the lady from the gym child-minding service came to collect me.  E had fallen apart and it just wasn’t going to happen.  This time things are going to different, at least I hope so.  I desperately need to get into a pair of jeans that doesn’t involve me looking the largest size the store has to offer or rummaging around the maternity section.

So, today as I sit here typing I am mentally packing everything we are going to need for the morning.  Snack for E at preschool, snack for M at gym, bottle, changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, more snacks, blankie, etc, etc.  I suppose I will need some things for me as well, gym clothes, oh yeah, sneakers .  Shit, does that mean I have to wear socks? Man, where did summer go?


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