Posted by: thughesa | August 30, 2010

I like to write letters….

So, when something really irritates me I feel the need to share.  I wrote two letters this week.  One to my Mayor, the city council, and five media outlets regarding the shocking response time of paramedics to two emergency situations in my neighbourhood this week.  I have yet to receive any response.  Humph.

The second letter I wrote was sent to Women’s Day magazine and Summer’s Eve regarding the ad discussed here.  It is an ad for feminine wash and cleansing cloths that carries the title, “Confidence at Work: How to Ask for a Raise.”  The first step is, douche and wash your vagina.  Nice.  There was much contempt for this article here and here and oh, here too.  (see below for more reaction)

I felt this attack on women’s private parts demanded a response:

I just saw a copy of the “Confidence at Work: How to ask for a Raise
at Work” ad that ran in Women’s Day magazine.  I don’t know where
to start.  This is absolutely one of the most offensive ads I have
ever seen.

Not only is it in poor taste, but it suggests that the
reason women are not getting ahead at work is because they choose
not to flush their vaginas with chemicals to mask their natural

Shame on you, this is certainly not a proud Day for Women.

And they actually wrote back:

Dear Ms. Hughes,

Thank you for contacting us to express your discontent with the recent Summer’s Eve advertisement in Women’s Day magazine.

CB Fleet and the Summer’s Eve brand have the utmost respect for women.  While we understand how some may come to an alternative conclusion regarding our recent advertisement, that was never our intention.  Summer’s Eve apologizes if this advertisement in any way offended anyone and will take immediate steps to remove it from further circulation.

Kindest regards,

Summer’s Eve Feminine Care Specialist

Thank you Ruth, Feminine Care Specialist (what the heck does that mean anyway??).



  1. You go girl! Whatever next, bow ties for the penis to make them more presentable at meetings?

    Glad you got a response though, all too many things are left without a courtesy reply and at least you made your point, they took note and let you know they heard you.


    • Thanks, I was surprised By the looks of the reaction on the internet they must have gotten a bunch of letter from people. I am glad they took the time to write people back, at least they got the message.
      Now, who will I write to next? lol.

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