Posted by: thughesa | August 28, 2010

This Momma Thing…

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Now that my children are ever so slowly moving towards abandoning diapers and bottles and steaming on to things like preschool and swimming lessons, minus mommy, I wonder, what the hell do I do now? I was just getting good at this momma thing and now instead of babies and toddlers I have little girls who wear princess dresses and pee in the potty, most of the time.

My days used to be very full with managing dirty diapers, wiping bums (still doing that, but less often), telling them not to lick the windows (wait, still do that a lot), and washing bottles and nipples and collars and other bottle-feeding accoutrements.  Now I find myself at home with my children searching for things to do with them or looking for new and interesting ways to keep my house relatively clean and the clothes washed without spending every iota of my day actually doing it.

If someone told me 5 years ago I would be a stay at home mom (SAHM-yes, I even know the acronyms now) who worried about her washing machine breaking down or scratches in the new paint I would have told them to smoke another one.  I never thought I would get married (did that), have kids (yup-twice), own a home (even that!), or have a relationship with a man I didn’t want to kill on a daily basis (yup, like him too).

I think it is safe to say that I have become domesticated.  I can cook, I clean, I chase my kids around with toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and clean underwear.  Hell, I even have a sewing machine! I asked for it for Christmas for god’s sake!  Sometimes I look at myself and I don’t even recognize this organized and responsible person I have become.

Somewhere along the way I stopped worrying about doing the momma thing right and just started doing it.  Turns out I am not too bad at it, minus the days when the cranky Momster yells at the kids for walking on the grass in sock feet or for dumping out the container of hair elastics, again.  I have many momma friends who have long since gone back to work and miss doing the momma thing full-time.  I guess I am lucky to have had the chance to spend these days with my kids when they are little.

So, now that my girls are growing up I have to find a way to translate my momma skills to suit these babies-turned-little girls I now have on my hands.  I hope that somehow my diaper changing skills translate into dealing with peer pressure, crushes, dashed hopes, and god help me, puberty.



  1. Your girls are so lucky to have such a hip mountain momma. I’ll be around to remind them of that when puberty kicks in;-)

    • Ha, thanks Jessi! I hope our kids go through puberty at different times so we can take turns being the good auntie while our kids hate us, lol.

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