Posted by: thughesa | August 19, 2010

Captain Klutz…

A surface-scanning radar screen.

Image via Wikipedia

I have a bit of a reputation for being a klutz.  Personally, I think my radar is just a little off at times and I tend to bash into things.  Up until now my radar-deficient-follies have been relatively innocuous, until last night.  I broke one of my baby toes by stubbing it on the couch.  I hate that couch.

Mercifully it is a rainy day today.  It has been so hot that we haven’t been able to be in the house during the day and we have been escaping to various pools and spray parks.  Today is a day for hanging around the house, maybe folding some laundry, watching movies, and playing Tinkerbell with the new little dolls we got yesterday.

Perhaps I will even get a little writing done and find something more interesting than my feet to blog about.


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