Posted by: thughesa | July 27, 2010


I am on vacation. At least that is what they tell me. After nearly twenty days of vacation I am starting to wonder what it is I am supposed to be doing, experiencing, or escaping from. Let’s see:

Vacation-(Rest, retreat, escape, break, leave, holiday):
1. break from work
a period of time devoted to rest, travel, or recreation

(I have two small children…hmm) Sort of
2. fixed holiday period
a scheduled period during which the activities of courts, schools
(teaching them not to throw food on the floor or lick everything in sight), or other regular businesses(pooping, crying, and throwing up in my case) are suspended
Definitely not
3. act or instance of vacating
an act or an instance or vacating something


1. give up occupancy of something
to relinquish the possession or occupancy of something
-vacate the premises

(Did that to come here) Check
2. empty something of occupants
to empty something of incumbents or occupants

(House back home empty) Check
3. resign from something
to withdraw from or surrender possession of an office or post

(I am no longer cleaner of bathroom, maker of beds, doer of laundry (not effectively anyway: Did I mention there I am hand-washing everything in the kitchen sink?) Check
4. make something invalid
law to make something legally void

(All sense of normalcy, rules, order, etc?) Bingo!

So there you go. I am vacating, not vacationing. For who can really go on vacation with one child who still poops in their pants and one who licks everything in sight.

Don’t get me wrong, we are having fun. We go swimming pretty much every day (twice, ocean and then pool), scout for shells and weird things on the beach, watch bats fly from palm tree to palm tree, teach my kids a different language however unsuccessfully (Mary thinks “Bula” (“Hello” in Fijian) is every Fijian lady’s name), look for toads on the lawn after dark, and just watch and listen to the surf break on the reef.

Too much fun does get monotonous, however. My feet are getting beat up from being wet too much, my back hurts from sweeping the floor with a hand sweeper, there is a rat living in my kitchen, if it rains we are screwed and have to stay in the bungalow all day, and my rope all of a sudden got shorter yesterday. Granted, my husband has been gone these last six days (coming back soon from his electricity and running water deprived archaeological site I had wrongly been looking forward too and managed to avoid) and it has just been the girls and I. I think we are just a little sick of each other, are missing our playmates (young and grown), and need a good fix of sushi.

We are over the hump and soon I will be missing reading outside on the deck while the girls actually nap and the girls will be missing swimming everyday (hence the naps) and sidestepping toads in the grass, sea worms in the sea, and crabs in the pool. Tonight we had a special movie/cuddle night in mommy’s bed and smoothed away all the irritation a trough of culture shock seems to bring.

Twelve days and counting and I plan on enjoying every minute of it, as soon as that rat is dead anyway…



  1. fu**in’ rat!

    Miss you!!!

    • Hey Erin,

      No shit, haven’t seen the thing lately so I think its done for!

      Ha, miss you too! Be home soon, can’t wait to hear about your weekend!


  2. Hi Theresa!
    We are safely back home, the tummy bug got us all in the end, so at least rest assured that we have solidarity in that! We are right back into school, work and kindy, and doing well. I couldn’t find you on facebook, so maybe look me up some time when you get to it? Say hallo to Tubakula for us!
    Zooey, Anna, Tobi and Matt

    • Oh No! So sorry you all got sick too, bugger! The girls keep wanting to run over to your bungalow to play with Anna and Tobi. Ella is fine, but Mary doesn’t get it, so cute.

      Tell Anna that Ella misses her and wonders if she made it home okay.

      Will find you on facebook! Thanks for writing!

      Theresa & Co.

  3. We miss you and can’t wait until you get home. Enjoy your last few weeks. I have lots of ice for Gin & Tonic. Ella will be proud of my ice making abilities. Good luck with the rat.


    • I told Ella about the ice and she was very excited. Keep it up, she will be asking for it next time she’s at your place, lol.

  4. Tom came up with a strangely worldly-wise statement the other day: “we want to be where we are not”

    You have so hit the nail on the head about vacations with the kidlets… I find it is sort of as if I am being haunted by the ghost of my former-self-pre-kids who keeps tally of all the moments when I could have been having a quiet read on a beach, a solitary swim, a late leisurely breakfast… and that makes the reality of the 5am wake-ups all the more harsh.

    Fiji sounds really beautiful though (the non-rat bits!) – and you are a total star for taking your girls there and tackling a long stretch on your own!

    • Thanks Julia!

      What is it with kids waking up at the crack of dawn while on vacation?? Maybe it is the promise of new fun things to do. Mine didn’t sleep past 6:00am the whole time.

      We did have a pretty good time overall, the bungalow was lots of fun-minus the rodent-and it was nice being on the beach. I can’t wait to hear all about your holiday too!

      I have to say I did get some nice quiet time on the beach while the girls slept or rested in the afternoons. I found having those few however brief moments made me far more relaxed and I enjoyed myself a lot more.

      See you soon,

      Theresa 🙂

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