Posted by: thughesa | June 18, 2010


I am happy to report that we are officially done with teething. My youngest cut her last molars a few months ago, thank god! Who knew teething was going to be such a nightmare? My kids suffered from all sorts of ailments at the hand of teething, ear aches, diarrhea, rashes, stomach aches, good grief! Every baby is different but there were definitely a few tricks that worked wonders with both of them:

Cold toys, frozen. I am not sure why most of them say not to freeze them. They are filled with non-toxic fluid (usually, make sure), so if your child does break through its no big deal. If you just keep them in the fridge they warm up in a couple of minutes which is no help at all.

Ice. I used to keep an ice cube wrapped up in a face cloth in the freezer at all times. When they needed one I would take it out, run a little water over it and give it to them. Would last for ages, they could suck the cold water out too and gnaw on the cold cloth. A cup of ice chips worked great too.

Pickles. My oldest, before she actually had any teeth, would chew and suck on giant Bick’s pickles. She loved the flavour (weird) and the texture. The coldness also helped soothe her gums. I have also heard people use frozen carrots.

Teething Tablets. Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets are great. You can give them 2 or 3 every few hours, helps settle them down and soothe the pain. You can get them at the health food store in Kensington Plaza.

-Elevating the head. Both my kids seemed to get fluid in the tubes of their ears due to teething. I found the only thing that would help would be to pick them up and let them sleep on my shoulder so the pressure wouldn’t be so bad on their ears. The doctor suggested elevating her head, so I put a small pillow under the end of the mattress where her head was. The little bit of elevation seemed to help enormously. Helped if they had a cold too.

Anbesol or Orajel. I can’t remember which one I used, one was more of a gel so it was easier to control the amount, I didn’t want them to swallow a bunch of it and some them are so runny. I only used it when tooth was actually cutting through, I didn’t.

Chew Toys. The weirdest thing can become a great chew toy for your baby. The best one we had was a little Kermit the Frog, it had a soft body but a nice chewy head that seemed to do the trick. Kids are so funny. I have cute pics of poor Kermit’s body sticking out of their mouths.

What tricks have you found have helped with teething? Thank god it only lasts a couple of years, I hope the baby teeth falling out doesn’t cause the same kind of grief!


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